Our Vision

A carrier for every baby.



We're seeking innovation. "Babywearing" in the past decade has been associated with attachment parenting and expensive products. Baby Carriers Provided is asking parents, health care professionals, family services providers, and the baby carrier industry to see the potential in creating access to the carrier as a tool, for all families. We seek to find new ways to distribute baby carriers, to teach existing family services organizations carrier best practices, and to explore the possibilities of how baby carriers can improve the lives of children, parents, and other caregivers. 


Baby Carriers Provided is a research-based, bridge building organization, providing the baby carrier and educational programming as a public health tool, aimed at addressing child neglect and abuse prevention, accident and incident prevention, and infant and caregiver mental, physical, and emotional health.


Statement of Baby Carrier Values and Cultural Humility

Baby Carriers Provided recognizes that carrying of infants is the human biological norm, in all places where humans have existed. Through colonization, assimilation, and exploitation, generations of people lost, or have been denied, their cultural baby carrying tradition. Baby Carriers Provided honors those who have fought to retain and reclaim their traditions, and who have shared their knowledge and cultural practices with the global community. BCP is built on a foundation of social justice, inclusivity, and equality. By providing access to the baby carrier as a parenting tool, BCP seeks to return the practice of carrying to those for whom it may be absent. Baby Carriers Provided is committed to protecting and preserving the respect and dignity of our program participants, partner organizations, staff, and community members.

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